Swedish Physicians for Transcendental Meditation

"Considering the problematic "stress epidemic" in the modern society, we find it important to use effective and scientifically well documented methods for preventing and treating stress.

We find that the effects of TM are unique. Therefore the technique deserves to be used extensively."

Statement by the reference group of SPTM consisting of physicians with many years of extensive experience of TM

Scientific research on
Transcendental Meditation (TM)

    Some key findings

  • Effective stress reduction

    Stress-related hypertension improved within three months at an extent comparable to the effect of antihypertensive drugs.

  • Improved health

    The health expenditures of retired people decreased with 70 percent after five years of TM practice compared to controls.

  • Brain physiological development

    TM causes a unique and profound change in brain functioning towards increasing orderliness and coherence according to brain research.


The above diagrams are a few examples of the extensive scientific documentation about Transcendental Meditation. Over 500 studies have been made at more than 200 scientific institutions and universities i about thirty countries. They indicate remarkable positive effects of TM.

It appears among others that TM prevents stress disorders and promotes the healing of the effects of chronic stress to a remarkable extent. The evidence indicate that TM heals deep-seated psychological disturbances of importance for stress tolerance. This distinguishes TM from stress management and relaxation programs which act on a more superficial level.

NOTE: As the TM-technique differs in crucial respects from other techniques, there is no scientific basis for assuming that the effects of TM are applicable for meditation in general or for relaxation or other stress-reduction methods.

Key article

A new approach to human development. Summarizes research indicating unique and remarkable effects of TM, distinguishing it from relaxation techniques and other methods aiming at reduction of stress symptoms.

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Recent additions

  • The beneficial effects of Transcendental Meditation (TM) on the psychology have been underestimated. Summarizes reasons to believe that conventional psychological tests are too insensitive to make justice to the effects of TM. Numerous observations based on other methods indicate that TM normalizes profound and very common psychological disturbances, that are inaccessible to therapy or very difficult to cure.


  • The difference is fundamental between TM and other techniques. Dr Jonathan Shear, a world authority on meditation concludes on the basis of both technique analysis and brain reserach, that TM is fundamentally different from other techniques. It is not a "variety" of meditation, but someting else.


  • The unique effectiveness of TM. Ingenious simplicity is the very key to the powerful effects of TM.
  • A new understanding of Stress. Stress is today a generally prevalent state in modern society, and the most important cause of major diseases leading to death. Dr Jaan Suurküla explains why it is so, and how TM can alleviate it.
  • TM lowers blood pressure in teenagers. An American study reports that TM normalized the bloodpressure in teenagers with elevated pressure levels. (Published in Am J Hypertens (2004) 17, 366–369;).

    This permanent lowering of the blood pressure reflects a profound change of the physiology, with a lowering of the average stress level. This result confirms other studies demonstrating permanent lowering of the blood pressure through TM. This kind of effect is profoundly different from the temporary and superifical effects achieved through relaxation techniques. It is caused by a deep change in the psychology towards increased harmony, reflected among others in a development of the brain wave coherence.

  • "Brain research indicates increased stress tolerance in meditators". World leading brain researcher reports that the brains of advanced TM-pracitioners react more calmly in a stressful situation. Latest news!
  • "Pioneering Study Quantifies Brain Wave Patterns During Higher Human Functioning". A recent study has investigated the brain waves of people who have reached stable Transcendental Consciousness along with waking consciousness. Compared to controls there were important differences, indicating a highly integrated (coherent) and more efficent and adaptive style of brain functioning. The results objectively verify the existence of ancient vedic descriptions of a state of immovable inner calm along with dynamic outer activity, calle , called "Cosmic Consciousness" (CC).
  • The safety of the Transcendental Meditation Technique. Psychiatric studies indicate that TM is safe and appears to prevent mental disorder.
  • The effect of Transcendental Meditation on Chronic Stress. Differently from common stressreducing methods it appears that TM affects mechanisms of fundamental importance for stress sensitivity.
  • Research on Transcendental Meditation (TM) at the Swedish Airforce. Remarkable and profound psychological improvement in combat pilot training aspirants. Considerably increased ability to act adequately under psychological stress after one year of TM indicated by sensitive psychological test.

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