Physicians for Transcendental Meditation

The Reference Group of SPTM

All members have practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM) since long. We also have an extensive experience of the clinical effects of TM. In addition, we have studied the research on TM and find that no other mental technique has been investigated as thoroughly. Significant effects of TM on stressrelated parameters have been documented.

Considering the problematic "stress epidemy" in the modern society, we find it important to use effective and scientifically well documented methods for preventing and treating stress. We find that TM fulfills these criteria. The effects of TM are unique. Therefore the technique deserves to be used extensively.

Dr. Snaebjörn Arnljots, Specialist in internal medicine and clincial physiology. Retired Chief of Clinical Physiology lab. and Chief Physician of Internal Medicine clinic. Norrköping Sweden
Practiced TM since 1980.

Dr. Ulf Jansson, Specialist i Pediatrics. Retired Chief Physician in Pediatrics. Vimmerby, Sweden.
Practiced TM since 1980.

Dr. Peter Lindvall, Specialist in General Medicine. General Practitioner, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Practiced TM since 1978.

Dr. Thomas Nordlund. Specialist in General Medicine. General Practitioner, Malmö.
Practiced TM since 1967.

Dr. Jaan Suurküla. Specialist i Internal Medicine (Geritatrics) and in Occupational Health. Vårgårda, Sweden.
Practiced TM since 1971.

Dr Sven Wåhlin. Specialist in General Medicine. General Practitioner, Bålsta, Sweden.
Practiced TM since 1967.

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